Unleash the Power of BAW with Apex Forms

[Update: A new version of Apex Forms is out as of Sep 30, 2020. Read about it here or try it out here.]

Apex Forms lets you turn a BAW Process Design into a fully developed user interface in minutes. Impressive, but even better, this new UI can be completely managed by business users without the need for developers.

Here’s a quick demo of this in action, hosted by our President, David Knapp.

We’ve talked about the “long tail” of business processes already and this is yet another way to use speed and ease of use to take advantage of the power of your BAW infrastructure and open it up for new processes that used to be too small to tackle. Cumulatively, these outlier processes represent a huge opportunity for automation and improvement.

In this example video, we generate new UIs directly from the BAW process, then use the Apex Forms tools to tweak the interface to our preferred look and feel. Business Users can manage almost any aspect of the form’s layout. Don’t worry though, we have security to limit who is allowed to actually change — or even see — your Requests.

Are you fully utilizing your IBM BAW implementation’s power? Would you like to enable it to do more and empower your business experts to design their own user experience without the constant need for developers? Want to get changes rolled out without lengthy deployments? Apex Forms is your answer. Visit us at apexforms.io and unleash your potential.

Blake Smith

Blake Smith