David Knapp Talks Beer, Brewing and Process

Here at Apex Process Consultants, you’ve probably seen some of our more… well, some of our less work related posts and photos. Remember this gem of a blog from Josh Cross, one of our consultants and our self proclaimed Chief Paradigm Manager? Have you seen these photos from our Annual Meeting in 2017? We all went out to Dave’s farm in Wisconsin and Dave showed us some of his other talents besides just being a genius of code.

Dave, taking down some tree limbs in Wisconsin

As well as being a whiz at anything computer related, Dave brings his process mindset to his hobbies. He is a master woodworker (from cutting trees down, preparing them in his sawmill, to the fine detail work of a homemade desk), and he brews his own beer and wine.

Watch this video to hear Dave talk a little about his beer brewing process using a Blichmann Engineering system.

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Erika Vecchio

Erika Vecchio