Reflecting on the past — looking towards the future

It is almost my 1 year anniversary with Apex, and it has been one of the best, most interesting years of my life. As we gear up for our annual kickoff meeting I have to think a lot about what has happened while I’ve been here and what’s is coming up in our future. Also, Apex just celebrated it’s 5th anniversary (Happy Birthday to us!). The week or two before the Christmas party was filled with stories of Christmas parties past. Stories of Apex startup which started with weekly meetings at a brewery not to far from our current office. Everyone was so excited about how far we had come in such a short time.

And having only been there for a year, I can attest to how much we’ve moved forward. At first I took time to figure out what Apex was doing, coming into a new company with a marketing and social media background, learning what and how BPM was used was a bit challenging. I tried to learn something new every day. To not be overwhelmed, but to fully comprehend. And for a while, I thought I was doing a good job, until one day I realized that I had been with Apex for 6 months and I was still learning what we were doing.

It’s not that I’m a slow learner. It’s that we do something new every day, every week, every month. We’re constantly growing our products and services. Every day I’m trying to catch up, I’m falling behind on learning what we’re currently making. So I’ve stopped looking into Apex’s past and started to just look at the future, to delve into everything we’re currently working on. To fully wrap my brain around what’s going on.

I’m excited for our kickoff meeting next week. I’m excited to see what our partners and employee’s have to say. And can I mention that I’ve created some killer team building exercises?!

Get ready for some great video’s about our 1.5 features, we’ve been working on them in between projects and they are just about ready to launch.

Looking forward to sharing the New Year with you. We have a bunch of really amazing stuff planned!

Erika Vecchio

Erika Vecchio