Accelerate Business Transformation - What is Agile

What is Agile software development? It may feel like a buzzword, popping up where you least expect it, but it's actually a combination of philosophical concepts, techniques, and practices that provide an alternative to the almost 50-year-old approach called Waterfall.

This episode features an interview with Dave Knapp and Nick Laughton, highlighting how Apex uses Agile practices to provide highly effective software development practices that rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the user base.

Learn about:
A brief history of Agile
What is a scrum?
What roles are needed in an Agile software project?
What are the challenges?
What are the advantages of Agile over other approaches?

Here are some key excerpts from the podcast -

What is Agile?

Dave Knapp: "Agile is a technique and set of tools that let people develop solutions in a very rapid fashion reducing a lot of risk that came from traditional project management and development approaches often referred to as Waterfall. Agile is really important to Apex, has been from the beginning because the tools that we use and we help our companies implement require Agile methods in order to truly see the benefit of these technologies. And so, it has been a key part of our service offerings and what we have mentored our clients with since the beginning."

How do you get end users feedback to the developer's team before the project is complete?

Dave Knapp: The subject matter experts we sometimes refer to them as SMEs, or sometimes they're referred to as stakeholders. Basically, these end users, or representatives, or super users are participating each week, or every other week depending on the cadence that the Agile team is using in the playback as you describe it.

There is so much valuable information for why and how a team should implement an Agile approach into their everyday processes.

Take a listen to the podcast and send us your feedback on what successes and or failures your company has had when trying to implement an Agile methodology.

Blake Smith

Blake Smith