Accelerate Business Transformation - Envisioning

There are lots of reasons to listen to podcasts: they are free, you can listen during your commute, the topics vary widely and they are more interesting than reading blog after blog after blog (even though, now you are reading a blog post about a podcast).

Accelerate Business Transformation

Accelerate Business Transformation is our new podcast which will cover a range of topics related to technology and business that are of interest to us, and hopefully to you as well. We intend to get a well rounded view on these subjects by interviewing a variety of people with different viewpoints to give you an engaging listening experience.

In this first podcast by Apex we talk about our recommended first phase of starting any new project - Envisioning. Our resident writer, Blake Smith, converses with our President, David Knapp.

They talk concept maps, workflow, process diagrams and approach. Give it a listen, and let us know what you think, and what you want to hear about next!

Erika Vecchio

Erika Vecchio