Low Code MVP Development

Low Code MVP Development

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Low Code for Speed and Efficiency

Knowing you are solving a real problem in a way that customers are willing to pay for is the only true path to success. Apex Designer is the low code platform for creating apps that are adaptable and user-friendly, maximizing initial traction for your MVP.

You can't afford to spend time and money rebuilding existing functionality for your minimum viable product. Apex Designer has templates and libraries for common capabilities, making it faster and cheaper than traditional software development methods. At the same time it is infinitely flexible to meet your business needs.

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Focus on Value

Our envisioning process leverages decades of design experience to help you zoom in on your product’s high value concepts. We’ll help you to focus on proving out the key ideas in your product that will make it a success.

Our platform and methodology lets our clients concentrate on user experiences and functionality rather than coding. This increases their business agility and enables them to rapidly develop new products and services.

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No Lock In

No runtime lock-in: Your low code MVP app can run in any modern container environment. There are no runtime or per-user licensing fees. Also, there is no services lock-in: We can kick start your low code MVP application build and hand it over to your team at any point.

No design-time lock-in: Apex Designer generates clean source code that runs on an open-source stack. You can export the source code and continue in a traditional dev environment at any time.

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See if Apex is a fit for your MVP. Tell us about your prototype or MVP project and we'll offer advice on how to approach it.

Why Choose Apex?

Our unique skills and platform get you the highest return for the lowest risk.

Design Expertise

Our experts will help you to develop your product vision and determine which features your really customers care about.

Rapid Iteration

As you refine your ideas to find product-market fit, rest assured that Apex Designer has refactoring tools to make changes faster.

Go Beyond MVP

When your MVP has found product-market fit, and you’re ready to take it to the next level, you have options. Continue developing your product on the Apex Designer platform, or export the source code for traditional development.

Avoid Low Code Pitfalls

When development tasks are simple, its all too easy to spend a lot of time building functionality that you don't need to make critical decisions about your product. We'll keep you on track.

Incremental Delivery

Our MVP development program is based on small commitments and incremental delivery. Don't overcommit your time and resources.

No Lock In

Apex Designer generates clean source code that runs on an open-source stack (Angular/Nodejs). Generated code is checked into a source code repo (e.g. Bitbucket or Github). At any point you can export the source code and continue in a traditional IDE.


Envisioning and Building a New Events Platform with C3GROUPS

C3GROUPS is a successful event planning business in the meetings and conventions industry. Frustrated with existing solutions, they wanted to build a new technology platorm for their business, but had no technical resources on their team. Apex delivered a low code MVP for C3GROUPS, and continues to expand its capabilities after delivering several successful customer events.

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What We Do

MVP development to validate product-market fit is our business. With our low-code technology and methodology, we help you to launch your minimum viable product or validate your business needs faster, saving you both money and time in developing software.

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How We Do It

Our proven process of low-code envisioning and hands on training will help you achieve your business goals and be on top of the competition.

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The Tools We Use

Let us work with you to find the right fit for your project. Our industry experience and vast knowledge of a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technologies will help you produce valid and reliable results.

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