Regional Bank Automates Loan Servicing with No Code Forms

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

More Than 45 Process Variants Automated In Just a Few Months

The client was a regional bank with more than 300 branch sites and over $40B in assets. The Loan Operations team in the bank found themselves having to do more with less after a series of mergers. They needed to automate 45+ loan operations processes to replace a solution built on SharePoint workflow and InfoPath forms. Another merger and an “end of life” date for the InfoPath forms were looming on the horizon, adding urgency to the project.

The bank was already using IBM BAW to manage several internal processes, but a quick calculation showed the development effort to build out so many process variants would be very high. The team also wanted to leverage the knowledge and skills of the Loan Operations team members to configure forms for different process types where possible.

Apex proposed a unique solution leveraging our Apex Forms product. This allowed development of the core workflows and logic in BAW, while allowing Loan Ops staffers to config different forms for different process types using the No Code form builder. This architecture seamlessly meshed with the customer’s existing BAW infrastructure.

Using this unique solution, the small team were able to generate over 400 forms for 45+ unique process types in about 16 weeks - much faster than could have been achieved with 'traditional' workflow development techniques. These included processes like balance transfers, loan booking, 1098 forms and lien release.

The client got substantial improvements on their application performance and rolled out all 45 processes to their branches. Like all of the Apex Forms solutions, the produced forms worked directly with the BAW platform and featured responsive designs suitable for mobile, tablet or desktop use.

Nick Laughton

Nick Laughton